Apple’s R&D Department Conjures A Pop-Up iPhone Home Button Joystick

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Uncategorized


Apple has a new patent application that describes a pop-up home button which can work as an analog joystick. The patent, uncovered by Patently Apple, describes how the button goes from recessed standard mode to extended gameplay-readiness based on specific types of pressure input. The patent acknowledges that touch screens may not be optimal for all gaming situations, and also stipulates that use of a hardware controller like the convertible home button will prevent a user’s fingers from obscuring visible screen area.

The patent includes drawings of an iPhone 6-style smartphone, which features the standard home button configuration. But when a user puts enough force on the home button (more than just a standard click) it can extend to just a bit beyond the surface of the display, giving it leeway to move left, right, up and down and accept input on the x- and y- axis, as well…

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